Marine Refrigeration Services is a specialist division of Logicool

Marine Refrigeration is your first choice for all of your marine refrigeration and air conditioning needs.

We can design, supply and install complete systems including the brine tanks, compressor sets and condensers. Our commercial Marine division we can supply and service all ice machines, ventilation and static storage systems and glycol units.

We carry in stock:

  • Sanden compressors
  • York style compressors
  • Seikelan 12/24 volt DC compressors
  • Hanwest condensers
  • Service parts for Danfoss BD compressors
  • 12/24v air cooled condensing unit
  • 12/24v water cooled condensing unit

Approved contractor

Logicool / Marine Refrigeration Services is fully insured and is an approved contractor for both Tauranga Bridge and Tauranga Marina Society Mariners.

Tauranga Marine Industries Association

We are members of the Tauranga Marine Industries Association