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We design, supply, install and service

  • Shop display chillers and freezers
  • Coolrooms
  • Freezer rooms
  • Supermarket systems
  • Kiwifruit precooler and storage systems
  • Process Air Conditioning
  • Farm vat cooling
  • Heat recovery systems

New Zealand Manufactures

Wherever practical, Logicool will offer New Zealand manufactuered evaporator and condenser coils. These present the best quality equipment available on the market. It also enables us to offer custom made solutions for trickier jobs that “off the shelf” components would require performance compromises.

Efficiency is always a high priority

With the cost of electricity always escalating, energy efficiency is always a high priority at Logicool. Often, with a little bit of design work early in the project, real efficiency gains can be made with minimal extra capital expenditure.

Climate Control Companies Association

Logicool is a member of the Climate Control Companies Association

Comprex Evaporators
90 HP rack
Kiwifruit Store